Use a Digital Kiosk For Your Next Educational Course Survey

April 6, 2019

Getting feedback from students

If you have worked in secondary or higher education, you’re likely aware of the numerous positive aspects such jobs provide. The opportunity to instruct and mentor young students in high school or college is a unique role that requires dedication, intelligence, and above all compassion for students. Most importantly, the ability to deliver meaningful and insightful lessons to students year after year requires insight into how impactful a teacher’s lessons are in the eyes of students

For many years, teachers in high schools and colleges across the country have relied on paper or email-based course reviews to gain a better understanding of how their students feel about their teaching styles and abilities to inform their future courses. While these course survey methods have been somewhat effective, they are typically plagued by the fact that few students opt to provide feedback, thus limiting the overall effectiveness of such reviews

Using a kiosk for course surveys

With issues like this in mind, we suggest leveraging a digital kiosk application solution for your next round of course surveys. Digital kiosks are an exciting new type of application that allows for any modern Android tablet to become a dedicated course survey kiosk when combined with an affordable tablet stand or case

Such an innovative new solution means that traditional digital or paper surveys will soon become a thing of the past. Digital kiosks offer a superior solution for instructors willing to dedicate a few minutes of their lecture time to collecting responses from students, as a tablet loaded with a digital kiosk application like Kiosk24x7 could quickly be passed around a lecture hall or placed near the doorway to encourage higher student response rates

However, the benefits offered by the adoption of a digital kiosk solution for in-class surveys do not merely stop at promoting higher response rates among students. In addition to this benefit, digital kiosks boast the ability to save student responses in standard database formats, ensuring that instructors will be able to glean meaningful insights from student-feedback

Implementing a kiosk

Furthermore, through the adoption of a digital kiosk solution, instructors have the opportunity to create their own custom course evaluation surveys. This means that the standard survey form for your institution can be tweaked in ways that provide more meaningful and accurate feedback as it pertains to the courses you teach, which in turn will assist you in implementing potential changes suggested by students more effectively

The benefits mentioned above are just a few of the ways that leveraging a digital kiosk solution can help to improve the response rates and feedback you receive from course evaluation surveys completed by your students. If you or your institution is interested in adopting a digital kiosk solution for course evaluation surveys, we suggest checking out Kiosk 24x7 in the Google Play Store today. As an application capable of running on any modern Android smartphone or tablet, our users benefit from a feature-packed kiosk tool backed by a team of app developers that are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for our customers

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