Benefits of using a kiosk

Why every small business needs a digital kiosk

In today’s highly competitive business environment, finding effective ways to engage with customers is more critical than ever before. Whether you are the owner of a regional chain restaurant or the sole proprietor of a small mom-and-pop style storefront, at the end of the day your job is to engage visitors in a way that will encourage them to become regular customers of your establishment

While traditional marketing methods, such as participating in local trade shows or running billboards throughout town, might help to raise brand awareness, such efforts do little to engage customers. Furthermore, while digital marketing techniques can work wonders, business owners need to dedicate substantial time and money towards learning how to leverage these tools effectively

Thankfully, digital kiosks manage to combine the best parts of these two marketing approaches in a manner that allows businesses to expand the reach of their brand while simultaneously managing to engage with customers in a meaningful way

So, why should your small or medium-sized business invest in a managed digital kiosk solution? Read on to find out 

Better understand your customers

One of the most noticeable benefits provided by placing a digital kiosk in your place of business is the opportunity to gain valuable insights from near real-time customer feedback. With managed digital kiosk providers like Kiosk 24x7 offering dozens of industry-specific kiosk forms that can be easily customized to fit the unique needs of your business, gaining a better understanding of your customers will soon become more accessible than ever. Furthermore, every survey form allows for companies to add their own professional branding, such as logos or mottoes, to further the options for customization

Through digital kiosk-backed surveys, users will be granted tremendous insight into the thoughts and feelings of their customers. In turn, this actionable business intelligence empowers businesses to iterate and implement changes quickly, helping to ensure that customers always have access to the best possible experience imaginable. This will benefit both customers and your business, as happy patrons are more likely to become regular paying customers in the future

Improve customer experience

As we alluded to above, customers who interact with digital kiosks typically provide insight into both the good and bad aspects of a business. While criticism can be hard for some business owners to receive, taking such comments in stride can help to guarantee that the experience provided to customers is always in a state of constant improvement

Additionally, it may not be readily apparent, but a hidden benefit provided by digital kiosks is the fact that utilizing such affordable systems can help to level the playing field when it comes to ensuring the highest quality products or services. Believe it or not, being readily accepting of criticisms can help set your brand apart from big box stores or large chain restaurants in your area, many of which have seemingly unlimited resources when it comes to digital marketing and surveying

Finally, in-house digital kiosks present small and medium-sized businesses with an invaluable opportunity to share custom discount offers with their in-store customers. Oftentimes, a 20% coupon or buy-one-get-one offer can mean the difference between a customer frequenting your business only once or for years to come. Such small gestures vastly improve the customer experience, all while helping to increase the sales numbers (and ultimately, the bottom line) of your business

Engage customers and build a community

As we all know, mindful digital interactions are critical for business success in today’s interconnected internet age. With the vast amount of data generated by your in-house digital kiosk, your business will be empowered to enact highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Whether your firm chooses to implement a digital marketing campaign or is looking to build a digital community through the publication of a weekly newsletter, access to the vast wealth of information gathered by your new digital kiosk will prove beneficial

When it comes to building a digital community, those looking to expand past a simple email newsletter have lots of options available to them. For example, your survey can be set to collect social media handles of your customers, which in turn can be utilized to naturally build an online community for those interested in further interacting with your company. Such efforts can go an incredibly long way in today’s economy, especially because social media is quickly becoming one of the main avenues that customers are utilizing to interact with their favorite brands

Increase revenues through improved customer relationships

Regardless of what sector or industry you’re in, if your company isn’t able to turn a profit, then you won’t be able to stay in business for long. While a digital kiosk can’t guarantee limitless profit potential, it can help get your business on a track towards this exciting outcome. As those who have previous business experience understand, happier customers are more likely to frequent your establishment in the future

As such, a small investment in a managed digital kiosk solution like Kiosk 24x7 can help you to determine current customer satisfaction levels better, engage customers with exclusive discounts, and drive the development of a digital community around your brand’s unique personality. In the end, all of these great benefits combine to allow for the development of the perfect, profit increasing business recipe

If you’re interested in taking your small or medium-sized business to the next level through the adoption of a managed digital kiosk solution, then we highly suggest downloading Kiosk 24x7 onto your favorite Android device today

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