Make Payroll A Breeze With An Employee Time Card Kiosk

May 11, 2019

Using a digital kiosk for time cards

Over the past couple of decades, technology has had a noticeable impact on almost every aspect of running a business. From easy-to-run websites to convenient payment platforms, managing a business is now easier than ever. Yet, despite all of the benefits provided by such intuitive solutions, most small businesses still rely on a pen-and-paper approach to tracking the hours their employees work

While there’s nothing wrong with this traditional approach, it begs the question: Does technology provide a better way to handle such mundane payroll tasks? Luckily, the answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!”  However, finding the best solution for your small business is another issue entirely

Today, there are a host of software technologies on the market that will track employee time card information. Despite an abundance of options, far too many of these offerings are prohibitively expensive for the majority of small businesses. Furthermore, even the more affordable offerings include unnecessary bells and whistles that go far beyond what the average company would use

Our time card template kit

At Kiosk 24x7, we pride ourselves on being able to offer versatile and valuable solutions to users at a price that doesn’t break the bank. These principles, combined with a clear gap in the payroll software space, have led us to develop a new time card kiosk kit for Kiosk 24x7. While this new kit may lack some advanced features, it offers all of the functionalities required to make time card entry more straightforward than ever before at a price your organization can afford

Much like our other useful kiosk use cases, our employee time card kiosk template kit will allow your employees to easily input critical information, such as the start and end of their shift, whether or not they took a break or personal time, in addition to supplemental notes like daily sales numbers

Easily keep record of time cards

Our software converts all of this vital information into an excel spreadsheet, which can be distributed to managers on a schedule that works for your company. Instead of scrambling to keep track of the hours each employee works every day, our informative reporting will summarize payroll information on a weekly, bi-weekly, or custom-length interval determined by your company

While there are many employee time card software options out there, few manage to offer the functionality and convenience of our new employee time card kiosk kit, which has been purpose-built with the needs of today’s small business owners in mind

Our DIY digital kiosk application can easily be customized to create an in-house kiosk where employees can check-in and check-out of their shifts. Downloading Kiosk 24x7 and our employee time card kiosk kit will grant you access to this innovative solution, which allows for unique greeting and goodbye screens and is capable of seamlessly integrating with your existing behind-the-scenes payroll process. If you’re looking for a versatile yet affordable kiosk-based employee time card solution for small-to-medium size business, we invite you to try Kiosk 24x7 today

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