Kiosk settings and customization

Learn about the options in the kiosk settings and what they do 

Quick-start your kiosk

If you're just getting started you should use a kiosk template. Kiosk templates will set up your kiosk for you. There are templates for customer satisfaction and much more. To browse and download the templates click 'Install kiosk templates' then click the download button on the template you want. Additionally you can find new templates being added on our resources web page


To set what survey you want to use for your kiosk click the 'Survey' button. This will bring up a dialog listing all of the surveys you can choose from. If you can't find the survey you want you can easily make your own with the option 'Add a new survey' in the menu

Greeting screen

A greeting screen is what is shown before the survey. It can be used to entice customers to fill out surveys and let them know what the survey is for. Fill them with whatever artwork and messaging you want. To set the background just click 'Set background'. You can choose from an image or a gradient. You can enter in what text you want to use for the title and message too. All fields are optional. You can choose to not show a greeting screen by disabling 'show  greeting screen'

Goodbye screen

A goodbye screen is shown after the customer has filled out a survey. Use it to thank the customer for taking time to fill out a survey. All fields work similarly to the greeting screen

Survey header

A survey header is what is shown above your survey when customers are filling them out. These are mostly just to make your surveys stand out and look good. Set the text to whatever you want. You can choose to use an image or a gradient for the background. All fields work similarly to the greeting screen

Call to action

The 'Call to action' (CTA) is the button shown in the greeting screen. When the button is pressed it brings up the survey you choose in 'Set survey'. To set the CTA just click 'Call to action' and set the CTA text. You can add additional buttons by clicking the options menu in the action bar and selecting 'More buttons'. You can change the color of the CTA button by changing your theme in the settings


The logo is what's shown in the greeting screen above your title (if you set a title). To set the logo just click 'Logo' and pick what image you want to use. Click 'Logo' when you want to remove the logo or change it too

Text color

To set the text color for your kiosk just click 'Text color' and choose which color you want to use. Text color affects the survey header, greeting screen, and goodbye screen