Kiosk mode

Start kiosk mode

Learn how to start kiosk mode by following these easy steps 

1. Click the + button 

To begin simply click the '+' button and open the kiosk menu

3. Select 'Start kiosk mode'

Now since you've customized your kiosk you can finally start up kiosk mode

4. Set the pin lock

When you start kiosk mode it will ask you to set a pin lock. It's important to set a pin lock so that customers can't just exit your kiosk. Click 'Set pin lock' then set the pin and email and click the check to continue

5. Pin your screen

Before entering kiosk mode it's important to pin your screen. Pinning your screen makes it so customers can't just exit out of the app. You'll have the option to pin your device when you click 'Start kiosk mode' if you've set your pin lock. After starting kiosk mode make sure to click 'Got it' to accept the screen pin. If automatic screen pinning isn't available on your device please pin it manually

6. Pin screen manually*

If your device doesn't support automatic screen pinning then you must do it manually in the device settings. Open your device settings then go into security and click 'Screen pinning'. Then toggle it on. When toggled on open the app in your app screen selector and click the pin button. Accept the pin and the kiosk screen is now pinned to your device

7. Lock your device

Make sure to go to the security settings of your device and set up a lock on your device. This is important to protect your device and make sure screen pinning works

8. Start kiosk mode

Finally click 'Start kiosk mode' and then 'continue' and your kiosk is now up and running. Just find a place to put it and let it get data for you