Implementing 360-Degree Employee Feedback Reviews With Kiosks

April 10, 2019

The growth of 360-degree feedback

In human resource departments across every industry, 360-degree feedback is becoming increasingly popular. Also known as multi-rater feedback or multi-source feedback, this unique process allows for an employee’s coworkers, supervisors, and subordinates to supply in-depth and honest information regarding an individual’s workplace performance

This process is often bolstered by self-evaluations and feedback from customers or industry partners, which allows human resource professionals to conduct a thorough and accurate review of every employee throughout a company. While collecting reviews or data from external parties like industry partners may present logistical difficulties, the internal review process can now be greatly simplified, thanks to the recent introduction of an innovative new form of a digital kiosk

Benefits of using a kiosk for reviews

The recent introduction of DIY digital kiosk applications - which allow any modern Android tablet to become a professional-grade kiosk when combined with an affordable tablet stand - has been opening new doors for human resource departments interested in pursuing novel ways to conduct regular 360-degree employee feedback reviews. Outside of affordability when compared to other kiosk solutions, digital kiosk applications offer many great benefits for human resource departments of every size, including:

  • The opportunity to create a professionally branded logo with your company’s logo, slogan, or any other information that you’d like to add to the employee feedback review forms for your firm
  • The ability to place multi-source feedback review kiosks on every floor or in every department, depending on the preference of your firm. This is complemented by the fact that digital kiosk solutions allow for multiple different forms - a kiosk that is used for multi-rater feedback processes at one time can be used for customer or employee satisfaction surveys at another
  • Data capture of the highest standard. With digital kiosk applications like Kiosk24x7, every 360-degree employee review response is saved in a format that is portable and easy to analyze. Impressively, the information captured within these responses can be seamlessly transferred to other standard systems, such as a company’s internal human resources database
  • No need for a dedicated IT support team. While most kiosk solutions on the market today require at least one or two information technology professionals to ensure they are functioning correctly, digital kiosk applications do away with this need entirely. Instead, your firm will have access to a host of user-friendly features and a dedicated development team continually working to improve the user experience

How to set up a kiosk

There are numerous great perks that the implementation of a digital kiosk can offer your company, especially when it comes to the execution of 360-degree employee feedback review processes. If your business is interested in leveraging the innovative solutions offered by digital kiosk applications for its next review process, then we suggest looking into Kiosk 24x7. As an Android application available for download in the Google Play Store, Kiosk 24x7 offers users a feature-packed kiosk tool backed by a skilled and dedicated development team. While traditional employee review processes are bloated and outdated, we believe that adopting a digital kiosk solution like Kiosk24x7 can help this process become more accessible and streamlined than ever before

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