How to use Kiosk Questionnaires for Data Collection

August 6, 2019

Get data with your own questionnaires

Need to get data for research, but don't want to carry tons of paper and pencils with you? It's easy to make your own kiosk questionnaire surveys and bring them on the go with you - all you need is an Android tablet or smartphone. Data acquisition software can be used to easily collect research data without having to be connected to the internet. Data acquisition software like Kiosk 24x7 can be downloaded for free and transforms any Android tablet into a digital kiosk. Digital kiosks let you set up your tablet and easily collect information without having to hassle participants. Additionally, any info you collect can be exported into spreadsheets so it can be easily analyzed and stored. Kiosk 24x7 has many custom fields that let you create a questionnaire template that's perfect for the research you're doing

How to set up a questionnaire for data collection

There are many ways you can get data using Questionnaires. The first option is to interview participants one by one and have them fill out the questionnaires. This is a good strategy if you need to ask more dynamic questions. The second option is to put your questionnaire into kiosk mode and leave it out in the open for participants to fill out on their own. This is an easier, less time-consuming method to get tons of data. The third option is a hybrid between the last two. Interview participants one at a time or many at a time and then have them fill out a questionnaire afterward

Questionnaire ideas

Here are a few interesting uses for a custom questionnaire app

  • Questionnaire before training
  • Questionnaire after a conference
  • Market research questionnaire
  • Field research survey
  • Interview questionnaire

More resources on how using a digital kiosk for questionnaires

If you want to learn more about the features and uses of a questionnaire kiosk you can read the documentation page or check out how to set up a digital kiosk. Kiosk 24x7 is a custom questionnaire app that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store

Set up a kiosk

Learn how you can easily set up a kiosk on an Android tablet or smartphone. Get started with a free 7-day-trial