How to set up a DIY Photo Booth Kiosk for Free

August 1, 2019

Learn how to set up a photo booth kiosk for free

Want to bring a photo booth to your next birthday party or event? Now it's easier than ever to set up your own photo booth. All you need is an Android smartphone or tablet with a camera and a stand for it. To set up a photo booth just download an app like Kiosk 24x7. Kiosk 24x7 can double as a kiosk to get info for events like names, or register guests to giveaway contests

Enter photo booth mode

After downloading Kiosk 24x7 all you need to do is enter photo booth mode. The first step is making a survey with the camera option enabled. Click 'Add a new survey' in the menu, then in the survey adder dialog click the options menu and check to enable photos. After that add the fields you want for your survey. Suggested field ideas would be first name and last name fields. That way those who come to take pictures can collect them after the event is done. After that go to 'Customize kiosk' and select the survey you just added. Add a title like 'Welcome to our photo booth'. Finally, enter kiosk mode and tap the camera button in an entry to start taking tons of photos

Photo booth ideas

Here are a few photo booth examples. DIY photo booths are great to use at events like weddings and parties. When using a photo booth for parties you can double it as a kiosk to collect info from party goers. Such as perfect for registering guests to events or entering guests for giveaways. There are a lot more creative uses too that you can use a mixture of kiosks and photo booths for. For example for a costume party, you could have guests enter their names in the survey then take a few photos to save for the party. That way you get photos and info attached to who it was. Then you can use it to judge costume contests and much more

More fun photo booth ideas and resources

Of course, using a photo booth and kiosk in one has a lot more uses than just parties. Say you're running a fishing contest. A DIY digital kiosk can be used to let participants take a photo of them and their fish while entering in the length of the fish and such. That way a winner can be easily chosen. To learn more about how to set up a DIY digital kiosk and photo booth templates watch a few short videos on the Kiosk 24x7 help page

Set up a kiosk

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