Gain Valuable Insight Into Conference Attendee Experiences With Digital Kiosks

April 8, 2019

Organizing conferences

Regardless of the size or scope of a conference, the key to putting on and executing successful professional gatherings are in the details. Whether you and your team are expecting a few dozens or tens of thousands of professionals at an upcoming conference, planning and executing a quality event requires significant time, money and dedication from everyone involved

While implementing a great professional networking or trade show conference can be difficult, sometimes the most significant difficulties such events present happen after the fact. For example, it can be notoriously tricky to get conference attendees to respond to emailed surveys after-the-fact, as many busy professionals don’t see the utility in responding to such inquiries, many of which they tend to consider as spam messages

Getting feedback from attendees

For the dedicated teams who are tasked with organizing and executing conference events, failing to receive sufficient attendee feedback, whether positive or negative, can be incredibly frustrating. Worst of all, such gaps in understanding prevent conference committees from considering changes that could help to improve the experience for all attendees in the coming years

Luckily, digital kiosk applications - which allow for any modern Android tablet to be transformed into a conference attendee survey kiosk when paired with an affordable tablet stand - present an intriguing solution to this common problem. Such a versatile and inexpensive solution offers conference organizers a host of benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • The ability to gain accurate insight into the feelings and sentiments of attendees throughout a conference event. Since digital kiosks require little to no upkeep and are capable of recording a near-limitless number of responses, your team will be able to accurately gauge how attendees feel about your event day-to-day - allowing for your next event to be viewed in hindsight through the insightful lens of accurate and real-time attendee feedback
  • Unrivaled versatility, thanks in large part to the nature of digital kiosk applications. Since digital kiosk apps like Kiosk24x7 can perform as any type of kiosk, the same tablet/stand combinations can be used for conference sign-in and daily attendee surveys
  • Little need for dedicated IT professionals to keep your survey kiosks functioning. Such a solution will not only allow your next conference to save money but also has the potential of vastly simplifying the behind-the-scenes technology logistics during your upcoming events

The advantage of using kiosks

Digital kiosks offer many significant advantages to the hard-working behind-the-scenes professionals that make exciting and engaging professional conferences the best that they can be. If your team is interested in seeing how a digital kiosk solution may be able to help you gain better insight into how conference attendees feel about your event, we suggest checking out Kiosk 24x7 in the Google Play Store today. With the ability to create custom survey forms and access to cutting-edge features, we are confident that our dedicated team of developers will be able to deliver your team continued value as you look towards planning your next successful professional event or conference

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