Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Event & Email Sign Up

Today’s digital-driven world is causing all businesses to rethink how they engage with sales prospects and customers. Large businesses have the luxury of deep financial pockets that allows investment in a broad range of expensive cloud-based services and custom software to meet the digital demands of their sales process. In contrast, many small businesses are still relying on highly inefficient paper and pencil methods to manage customer registrations at business events. Paper registration forms have always been a challenge because the handwriting of the person filling out the registration form may be hard to read which makes it difficult to enter into software solutions. With the cost-effective Kiosk 24×7 business owners and manager quickly can turn their mobile phone or tablet into a digital event and email sign up kiosk.

Easy to Customize Event Sign Up Sheet Template

Unfortunately, many of the existing mobile event registration solutions are too expensive or complex for small business. They often require the use of expensive cloud-based services, high-end commercial software, and specialized kiosk hardware. Kiosk 24×7 eliminates all these hurdles and enables small businesses to turn an inexpensive tablet bought at the local mega-mart into an event registration kiosk. A few features of Kiosk 24×7 that enable businesses to implement a cost-effective digital event registration kiosk include:

DIY Form Management

Kiosk 24×7 enables users to create and manage their business lead forms. Features in this area include:

  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) forms editor – puts control of what is collected in the hands of the business owner without expensive professional services
  • Out-of-the-box business form templates – free event and email sign up templates eliminates the need expensive of form development

Lower Cost Hardware Choices

Kiosk 24×7 gets installed on the cost-effective Android operating system. Benefits of this platform include:

  • Low-cost device choices – enables businesses to implement kiosk tablet hardware for 50-70% cheaper than IOS devices
  • Low-cost kiosk choices – enables the use of low-cost table and floor kiosk hardware available from online retailers

Lower Cost Software Option

DIY digital kiosk features are available as low cost Android application (journal 24×7 on Playstore). Features include:

  • All-in-one business forms solution – expand the use of the kiosk for other digital uses including lead capture and event registration
  • Flexible data formats – standardized data export formats help quickly integrate into applications including customer relationship management (CRM) and e-mail marketing solutions

No More Event or Email Sign Up Sheets

Kiosk 24×7 is just what small businesses need to move away from error-prone written event and email registration forms and lists. Quickly replace the current event registration sign up sheets, business cards collection, and lead forms using a much more professional and effective digital kiosk. Benefits of the solution include:

Quick & Easy Setup

Kiosk 24×7 includes features that would be envied by large companies, but at a simplicity level appropriate for small businesses. Most users can set up and configure their first digital kiosk in under 10 minutes.

Branded Entry & Exit Screens

Stand out among your competitors with a digital kiosk that aligns with your brand. Create simple branded screens using just your logo or a more professional look using digital artwork.

Accurate Digital Data

Eliminate inefficiencies in your lead capture process. Harness the power of digital data capture. Quickly integrate your kiosk data with other business solutions including CRM and email marketing tools.

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