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The Kiosk 24x7 team is dedicated to helping small businesses affected by Covid-19 around the world

How Kiosk 24x7 helps

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Improved Contact Tracing Capabilities

Kiosk 24x7 has numerous capabilities that are well suited for small business contact tracing, and is much better than paper and pencil forms

Kiosk 24x7 For Small Business Contact Tracing

The worldwide covid-19 pandemic has left small businesses scrambling to stay afloat. To mitigate covid outbreaks health agencies around the world are providing strict guidelines to small business that must be followed to stay open. In many jurisdictions, the guidelines must be followed or businesses risk getting fines for non-compliance, or worse, get shut down. Besides the fundamentals of social distancing, reduced customer capacity, and mandatory mask usage, small businesses are being asked to keep track of any customers that receive services within a closed space. Whether the business is a family run restaurant, chiropractic office, massage practitioner, personal trainer, or many other types of business, owners are being asked, and often required, to collect information about customers that visit the business. The Kiosk 24x7 mobile app is well suited for small business to set up an easy to use, secure, contact tracing kiosk

Better understand your customers

A primary consideration when collecting contact information, is how the business keeps the information private. Unfortunately, a paper “sign-in sheet” leaves all contact information previously captured exposed for other customers to see. With the vast privacy laws around the world, any risk of exposing personal customer information is a significant risk to the business. A digital kiosk decreases risk in this area because the information collected is only visible to the business owner or staff member that manages the kiosk.

A secondary consideration when collecting contact information, is how the business reduces the risk of covid via the data collection method itself. Unfortunately, asking a customer to fill their information on a form, using a potentially un-sanitized pencil or pen can be a health risk itself. When used with proper sanitation in mind (e.g., only allow a single staff member enter information on the kiosk at a time) a kiosk will be more sanitary than a jar of potentially unsanitary pens or pencils. To help on this front, the Kiosk 24x7 app provides a mode where the kiosk can be wiped down with disinfectant wipes between staff members or periodically through the day

Improve customer experience

To help small businesses in their contact tracing efforts, Kiosk 24x7 includes a range of out-of-the-box contact tracing templates. The simplest template collects just a customer’s name and phone number. The most elaborate form collects a broad range of potential Covid-19 symptoms. The templates provided can also be easily customized to align with unique contact tracing requirements for a specific type of business or jurisdiction

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This website has a number of resources to help small businesses setup and use a digital kiosk for contact tracing. A few helpful tutorials can be found on the Kiosk 24x7 Learning page

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