Bring Your Visitor Sign-In Sheet Into The Digital Era With A Customizable Kiosk

May 11, 2019

visitors with a digital kiosk

Whether your business is a small insurance or medical office or a large enterprise technology company, if you process sensitive data in an office, it’s important to keep track of who is visiting the office location

Unfortunately, traditional pen-and-paper visitor sign-in sheets are often bulky and distracting when placed in a business office location. A company’s ability to collect office visitor logs in a professionally branded digital way will improve your business image versus potential competitors

Instead of dealing with the off-putting nature of traditional visitor sign-in sheets, why move your visitor engagement into the digital era with a sleek and customizable DIY digital kiosk?

Benefits of adopting a kiosk solution for visitor sign-in sheets

When compared to their pen-and-paper counterparts, digital kiosk-based visitor sign-in sheets offer a host of benefits, including:

  • The peace of mind associated with the fact that electronic registration decreases the risk of visitor log destruction. The ability to back up digital files regularly mitigates the risk of losing records to unexpected accidents
  • Unrivaled options for customization, ranging from greeting screen graphics to optimized form content fields. With a digital kiosk, you can make the perfect visitor sign-in log, instead of having to rely on bland paper options
  • Convenient data collection. Every piece of visitor data collected can be exported via industry standard tools such as Microsoft’s Excel or CVS files. This means that turning your visitor sign-in information into actionable business intelligence is now easier than ever before

Maintain regulatory compliance and improve access control

Across many of today’s most regulated industries, the ability to track who is coming and going from a facility is often required. Installing a digital kiosk for visitor sign-in can provide your organization with an easy path to regulatory compliance. This is especially important for offices that are part of a healthcare organization or large financial institutions such as credit card processing companies, which requires audit-friendly visitor records

Whether you’re the manager of a large bank or a small outpatient clinic, installation of a digital sign-in kiosk can assist with the promotion of physical access control. After all, if you have a strong understanding of who is accessing offices that process confidential information like patient records, your firm can play a more proactive role in protecting customer privacy

Invest in your very own kiosk solution today

If you think that bringing your organization’s visitor sign-in log into the digital age is the right move, then we invite you to try Kiosk 24x7 today. As one of the leading solutions in today’s digital kiosk market, a convenient download from the Google Play Store represents a wise investment. Even with the many kiosk applications available for Android, only Kiosk 24x7 can offer the ultimate combination of affordability and extensive customization options. Needless to say, this combination can help your organization look professional on even the tightest of budgets

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