Setup a Kiosk by Yourself

Kiosk 24x7 makes it easy for you to setup your own kiosk. All you need to start is an Android tablet or smartphone. With Kiosk 24x7 you can make surveys that let you get the info you need without wasting paper and time

Easy to Install

No need for professionals to setup your own kiosk. Setup your kiosk by yourself at home easily. All you need to do is download the application 'Flexible Journal' on the Google Play Store. Kiosk 24x7 is an extension of our journal application 'Flexible Journal' which means it's easy to use and proven to work. Download it on the the Google Play Store

Works Offline

No internet connection is required to use Kiosk 24x7 which means you can use your kiosk wherever, and whenever you want

Professional Branding

Use your own logo, and artwork with your kiosk. Kiosk 24x7 lets you pick the colors and art to make your kiosk your own. You don't need to be an artists to use Kiosk 24x7, there are many options to setup a professional looking kiosk without using your own artwork

Get Started Today for Free

Kiosk 24x7 is free to download and you can test the kiosk features for free with a 7-day trial. If you like the value it provides to your business it's just 10$ a month to use. Test it out on an Android smartphone or Tablet today

Kiosk Use Cases

Here are a few kiosk uses

Customer Satisfaction

Collecting customer experience information is important for any business. Quickly create a beatiful digital kiosk for your business to capture customer satisfaction surveys. Contact us to learn more.

Lead Capture

Tired of transcribing business cards and sign up sheets. Replace manual and inefficient paper lead capture methods with a professional lead capture kiosk. Use at your local trade shows and events to represent a professional digital image. Contact us to learn more.

Event Registration

Replace paper registration books with a professional digital event registration kiosk.  Capture any information you want from your guests when they attend your event. Impress your guests with our photo kiosk feature for guests to share quick snapshots at your event. Contact us to learn more.